open memories

A book of memories



Evening with family


Nu di shi.. atunci cand vreau sa tin dieta pentru prima data in viata apare Beer festival la colt

Azi e canoe

Memories from childhood


Asta asa.. pentru zilele astea cand imi va parea ca imi fuge de sub picioare 

Green weekend

Cam despre asta a fost la gym.. Am facut tot ce a zis Mario, mi-am trecut peste limite 

Dimineata aia cand urci in autobus, ai intrat ultima, stai limita de usa si persoana din fata.. Iar la urmatoarele statii alti oamenii mai intra.. intra 😂

Poza simbol.. Zrce beach, 2016

New month, new habbit: 2 heavy bags, Kygo playlist, morning bus

Fun with my team

Saturday joke 😉

7 days like last day

When wish become true.. Walking in the rain 

Still in mid of nature after this lovely weekend

Crazy like 211

Powered by 211

Play and help science

Quiz night ‘day #2

Memories collection: party #2


Only in Asia


Dr. House in Friends


1, 2, 3…


Yuuhuu.. like a kid


Day of the playlist

Last working day 2015


Wif – sexy ladies


Learn to escape


Team game


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