open memories

A book of memories



Offf.. Tare-i greu


Prima data in Kiev

Prima fraza care am auzit-o cand am ajuns la aeroport “Nu shto za privychka bl*aty ne chistiti tualet” 😂😂😂

#deRas si #dePlans

#1 PA – OE best concert

Weekend-ul in 2 cuvinte

Officially happy .. just because is today

Ready to go #london #familyreunion

What can be a more exited activity for evening other than planning your summer vacation with the friends 😍 🚗⛱🗺

Still in mid of nature after this lovely weekend

Almost forgot to leave a memory here from amazing weekend in V

Same and different

Tricolor -day #15

Paste fericit – day #8

Full (red) car – day #7

Doors, Cluj – day #4

Collection #DoorsVienna


When I see this kind of pictures it reminds me the beloved WestCoast


Memories collection: 1st luggage to be moved


Warm tea




Getting ready for another trip


One more smile 


Happy faces


 Yesterday style


211 – big reunion 


First snow of the season


Vantul imi place doar combinat cu marea

Trip decided in 30 sec


My dream became true


Like in the movies – Santa Barbara


New baby for next days


Later edit: more then 3100km, in less then 8 days. Long trip 

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