open memories

A book of memories



Sezonul a inceput


Salata cu legume de casa.. ca la bunica

Bad mood? Cook and will be better

Friday in pajamas and with MD wine

For.. Monday

Found this with one cookie in hands )) #coincidence


Miere pe suflet

6kg in 15 min

Gata de drum – day #14

Always different experiment




Yes, again mass in my kitchen. It seems I like it more and more 


3kg of whole nuts from my granny garden


Perfect evening

Perfect evening = good moldavian wine + baking for best WiF ladies an amazing chocolate cake

2nd baking for this week 😊


Later edit: I love to fall asleep in the room with tasty smell of brownie.. 😍


American pancakes Sunday


Mix of East Europe 


Delicious memories


Morning in Turkish style


Strawberries in November


Memorable delicious


Morning – Day 4


A piece of home


My day




One more evening


Love of my childhood

Love mornings

BIO & Delicious

In memory of Asia trip

Wonderful week

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