open memories

A book of memories



Welcome home


Prima data in Kiev

Prima fraza care am auzit-o cand am ajuns la aeroport “Nu shto za privychka bl*aty ne chistiti tualet” 😂😂😂

#deRas si #dePlans

Perfect Friday ❤️☀️☕️💻

Sezonul a inceput

Party planning in process 

Craciunul continua

Sun & Snow & Walk


Back in game

Nu di shi.. atunci cand vreau sa tin dieta pentru prima data in viata apare Beer festival la colt

The smily way of starting the working weekend 😊

A bit of art #operwien

Green weekend

Weekend began.. morning coffee in BB

Serghei, multumim! #Rio2016 #SegheiTarnovski

1st gold #Rio2016

Dress code of the week #selfie

New month, new habbit: 2 heavy bags, Kygo playlist, morning bus

Sunny Sunday #morning #evening #newhat #glossyface

Friday in pajamas and with MD wine

Fun with my team

Ready to go #london #familyreunion

What can be a more exited activity for evening other than planning your summer vacation with the friends 😍 🚗⛱🗺

Still in mid of nature after this lovely weekend

Let’s celebrate #euro2016

That kind of the day )))

Summer evenings getting me closer to sea

At work without laptop

These weeks evenings will look like this

Like a boss

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