open memories

A book of memories



Ei cum sa nu te admir? ❤️


A bit of art #operwien

Asta asa.. pentru zilele astea cand imi va parea ca imi fuge de sub picioare 

Best movie of last months

Bad mood? Cook and will be better

Still in mid of nature after this lovely weekend

Let it be here #carlaslove

Newish.. goldish

Play and help science

Discover Cricova, MD

Quiz night ‘day #2

Today like this


My favorite


Love is…


Da Da Da!

Over and over again

(One of) my favorite


Saturday starts with Scarecrow at 7am


US movies marathon 


06.09. Inside Llewyn Davis

06.09. American Gangster

08.09. The Royal Tenenbaums


08.09. Being John Malkovich

10.09. You’ve Got Mail

11.09. Manhattan Murder

12.09. Metropolitan


12.09. When Harry met Sally

12.09. Working Girl

13.09. Big

Inside out

One of the best animation ever!

Fear Anger Joy Sadness Desgust 



Let’s enjoy the last month of the summer


Ready for tea

Enjoying the “theory of everything”


Looking for a friend

Still Alice

Different Women’ day celebration

Pretty women evening / Women’ week 

Friend / different art

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