open memories

A book of memories



It toke them more then 1 month to receive them.. did it worth it –> definitely NOT! If I change my opinion I will note here


15 min about us 

New home

That moment when  I find out I still feel something… Maybe some day it will make sense and I will understand what I feel and why I feel… #touching #speechless #confused 

Carla’s, good luck! 👍

Sunny Sunday #morning #evening #newhat #glossyface

How much can you like a pair of  S H O E S ?!?!

Newish.. goldish

My cousin from different perspective

Extreme – day #13

Mini-house + Cuptor + Placinte – day #12

Official, favorite shoes of the season


New start, new tools


New colors


Blue.. Same shoes, different color


Si uite asa de acum inainte cea mai trista zi va fi mai luminoasa…


Color Monday: pic #2


Colorful #1 pic


Back in BUSiness 😊☀️


Dear Sofia, thank you for being so kind and hosting me for last 2 years 


Special day – new in the house


Dr. House in Friends


Nominations’ Marathon

  1. Carol  

  2. The Revenant  

  3. Concussion  

  4. Room  

  5. Love & Mercy  

  6. Hateful eight  

  7. Brooklyn  

  8. Spotlight  

  9. The Danish Girl  

  10. Trumbo   

  11. Steve Jobs  



New hair style


Da Da Da!

West coast time 


New baby for next days


Later edit: more then 3100km, in less then 8 days. Long trip 

My favorite tram 


Day 1


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