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Evening with family


On my way home

Weekend-ul in 2 cuvinte

Learn to fly

Azi e canoe

Green weekend

Weekend began.. morning coffee in BB

Almost forgot to leave a memory here from amazing weekend in V

Activity night – day #3

Happy faces ‘day #1

Getting ready for another trip


B-Day Presents

Only today realized that last 5 years I received as birthday present a trip – to different country, even continents. It became natural a tradition and I have intention to respect it for future 😊

2010 – Netherlands (my favorite country)

2011 – Budapest

2012 – Belgium (lovely Gent & Brugge ❤️)

2013/2014 – Asia trip: Dubai, Indoneaia, Singapore, Malaysia 

2015 – USA: NY & West Coast 

Sea, we are coming!!!

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