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5 cents – Reminder


First birthday present

(en) Since I was kid I was thinking about when will appear an animation for “The Little Prince”. I was 11 when I read it for the first time and some parts of the stories did not make sense for me. I thought that maybe via video it might help me to get to the point. I re-read it several times after and it was different experience every time.

(ro) De cand eram copil ma tot intrebat cand va aparea filmuletul “Micul print”. Aveam doar 11 ani cand am citit povestea prima data. M-a lasat confuza si asteptam ca voi gasi anumite raspunsuri intr-un desen animat. Dupa aia am recitit cartea de multe ori, de fiecare data fiind o diferita experienta. Filmul apare chiar de ziua mea si il consider cadou din partea producatorilor. Ma-nclin cu multumiri…

Janine Shepherd – Motivation for 2015

Thanks TEDx to give opportunity for people to speak and for others to learn to live.

Janine Shepher speech

“They moved me from intensive care to acute spinal. I was lying on a thin, hard spinal bed. I had no movement in my legs. I had tight stockings on to protect from blood clots. I had one arm in plaster, one arm tied down by drips. I had a neck brace and sandbags on either side of my head and I saw my world through a mirror that was suspended above my head. I shared the ward with five other people, and the amazing thing is that because we were all lying paralyzed in a spinal ward, we didn’t know what each other looked like. How amazing is that? How often in life do you get to make friendships, judgment-free,purely based on spirit? And there were no superficial conversations as we shared our innermost thoughts, our fears, and our hopes for life after the spinal ward.

I remember one night, one of the nurses came in, Jonathan, with a whole lot of plastic straws. He put a pile on top of each of us, and he said, ”Start threading them together.” Well, there wasn’t much else to do in the spinal ward, so we did. And when we’d finished, he went around silently and he joined all of the straws up till it looped around the whole ward, and then he said, ”Okay, everybody, hold on to your straws.” And we did. And he said, “Right. Now we’re all connected.” And as we held on, and we breathed as one, we knew we weren’t on this journey alone. And even lying paralyzed in the spinal ward, there were moments of incredible depth and richness, of authenticity and connection that I had never experienced before. And each of us knew that when we left the spinal ward we would never be the same.”

Amazing world

(en) Even it’s a simple commercial, it helps me to remember that I live in an amazing world!

(ro) Chiar daca e o simpla reclama, pentru mine valoreaza mult. Un simplu mod de a reaminti ca traim intr-o lume minunata!     GoPro / be a HERO

Made to Love – on repeat

simt sete de foc, de emotie, de viata, de daruire, de contopire                                                    simt sete de al tot asculta                                                                                                                               ma inspira, ma face sa visez, ma face sa imi doresc

Made to love –  John Legend

You/I were sent for me too
We were made to love
We were made to love

Oooh I’ve never seen anything
In much more than you and me
Extraordinary machine
Oooh I’ve never loved, I’ve never loved
Never loved someone like this
All-I-know is…

Oooh, have you ever known
We laid your eyes on
The perfect work of art
I knew right from the start
Oooh, I was never sure of a God before
But I know he must exist:
He created this

On repeat

(en) Crazy day. My energy for last 6 hours was this song, on repeat 🙂

(ro) Zi nebuna. Acest cantec m-a tinut in rimt si mi-a dat energie necesara 🙂

Stop buying ! ! ! / Inceteaza sa mai cumperi ! ! !

(en) I am NOT a shopaholic and I do not like to search things, BUT I like when I have something new in my house, wardrobe, table. Since I start to work and earn my money, I feel that my “needs” are growing. In my life appears more and more “things”, even if I compare it with others, I can say that I have VERY few gadgets, cloths, accessories, house/kitchen stuff. I still have the feeling that sometimes I can live without some “things” and they are more useless then useful. 

This morning I found an article, which is a real story how to live with less and feel more. I save it here to come back to it and for time to time to read it.

.pdf file is in case article will be deleted or archived

(ro) Nu sunt un/o “shopaholic” si nu am rabdarea necesara atunci cand e nevoie sa-mi cumpar ceva. DAR imi place cand apar lucruri noi in casa, dulap, pe masa. De cand am inceput sa lucrezi si ma simt independeta financiar, direct propotional au inceput sa creasca “necesitatile” mele. In continuu apar tot mai multe “lucruri” in jurul meu, iar daca compar cu ce ai ceilalti in jurul meu imi dau seama ca am foarte putine haine, gadget-uri, lucruri pentru casa/ bucatarie. In acelasi timp cred ca as putea exclude cu usurinta anumite detalii. 

Dimineata am gasit un articol despre o istorie reala cum sa traiesti mai plin cu mai putine. Il salvez aici pentru a reveni la el.

varianta .pdf e inclusa in cazul in care articolul va fi sters sau arhivat

Living With Less

NewYorkTimes, Graham Hill

Dream in Latin style/ Un vis in stil latin

(en) Around one year ago I started to know more details, photos, stories about South America. They made me so curious to discover it. I am ready to go there, I just need 2 months free, some crazy friends, courage to go in very wild places and of course, some money in the pocket.
During travel research process I found in my archive 40 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Die, created by and I found few more places I can visit in Latin America. What’s amazing – I just realized that I saw couple of places from the list. That made me feel soooo happy and at some points even lucky.

(ro) Acum un an am inceput sa aflu tot mai multe informatii, povestiri & intamplari, iar pozele au aplificat curiozitatea mea despre America Latina. Imi da fiori cand ma gandesc la muntii de acolo, temple uriase,  natura verde si pe undeva absolut salabtica, cultura diferita. Sunt gata de calatorie, mai am nevoie doar de 2 luni libere, o gasca (ne)buna de tot, curaj pentru locurile prea salbatice, si desigur, niste bani de buzunar.
Explorand arhivele mele am gasit link-ul cu 40 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Die, creat de si am mai adunat cateva locuri “must see”. In acelasi timp am observat ca une minuni listate eu le-am vazut deja, iar asta m-a facut sa ma simt atat de fericita si pe alocuri norocoasa.

I was lucky to see / Am avut ocazia sa vad:
4. Meteora, Greece
21. Venice, Italy
24. Navagio Bay, Greece
33. Batu Caves, Malaysia
17. Rice Terrace Fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam – something similar I saw in my trip to Indonesia/ ceva similar am avut ocazia sa vad in Indonesia


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